Fun Kids Craft Projects

Parents are always looking for inexpensive activities that will entertain their child and allow them to spend time together. Craft projects provide the perfect activity. Most children enjoy making craft projects and crafts are a good way to nurture their creativity. There is an easy craft project appropriate for any child's age, so be sure to match the project with your child's ability. The project can be challenging, but if it is too difficult your child will most likely become frustrated and give up before the project is complete. When your child succeeds with completing a craft project on their own, it helps your child build self-confidence and pride in their work. You may need to assist your child with any part of the craft project that seems difficult for them. You also need to consider the safety aspect of the craft project. If cutting is part of the project, be sure your young child has safety scissors. These easy craft projects are sure to provide hours of fun for both you and your child.

* Decorate Picture Frames

One can never have too many picture frames. With the wide selection of styles, sizes and colors from which to choose you can always find the perfect frame. But, have you ever thought of personalizing and decorating a picture frame as an easy craft project? All you need is a plain wood picture frame, a variety of decorator items, such as seeds, seashells or small pine cones, and a bottle of glue. Wood or chipboard letters, if available, will let your child personalize their frame with their name. Your child can decorate picture frames to proudly show off in his or her room or to give as a special gift to a grandparent or other relative. Another safety suggestion, be sure to remove the glass from the frame before your child starts to decorate.

* Create Clay Sculptures

Creating clay sculptures is a great craft project for children of all ages because there is no right or wrong way to make one. This inexpensive craft project is a wonderful way for children to express their creativity and have fun in the process. You will need a vinyl tablecloth to protect your table surface and an apron or other cover to protect your child's clothing. Now, just hand your child a chunk of clay and let them create. Soft clay can be used if you don't plan to keep the sculptures when finished, but if you want your child to be able to decorate the sculpture choose self-hardening clay. When the sculpture is dry and hardened, your child can then paint it using acrylic paints.

* Create Paper "Mosaic" Art

Paper mosaic art is a fun craft project that can be enjoyed by children at any age. This is a great project for using up small scraps of construction paper, gift wrap or scrapbook paper. Let your child cut the paper scraps into a variety of irregular shapes or, if your child is too young to handle scissors, help them by cutting pieces into different shapes for them to use. All your child needs now is a piece of poster board and a bottle of school glue and they are ready to create their mosaic art piece. If your child is small and has difficulty working with glue or a glue stick, consider using self-adhesive contact paper attached face down on the poster board so that the sticky side is up when the backing is removed. You and your child can have a lot of fun creating mosaic designs and attaching the paper shapes to the board. When the art piece is complete let your child proudly display their mosaic art in a picture frame on your wall or tabletop.


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